The history of the fund

Park County voters approved this fund by over 80% in the 1990s.  It's up to us to keep it going this November!

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Successful projects

See an overview of how the County has invested these funds to protect our land, water, and way of life.

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Our water gives Park County its identity

Park County is defined by its rivers.  The north, middle and south forks of the South Platte River, Tarryall Creek and tributaries are where residents and visitors have always lived and found prosperity mining, farming, and establishing towns.  Today, we still work along rivers, irrigating and mining, but even more we converge there to recreate and enjoy life – fishing, hunting, boating, gold panning and just enjoying the views.  The rivers are what unify the county.

Rivers are the life blood of the West.  The health of every river depends on its watershed – the land and tributaries upstream where the water flows from.  It is a privilege to live along the headwater streams in Colorado’s mountain valleys.  But that privilege also comes with responsibility.

The Park County Land and Water Trust Fund is integral to protecting our water.


Remember to vote on November 6th!

The future of Park County's land and water is in your hands.  It’s up to voters to protect what makes Park County special!